Special Services


Blessing Of The Animals

This service is held once a year in conjunction with the anniversary of St. Francis of Occee (spelling) who was the Saint for animals. The service is held both at St. George and St. James to honor not only St. Francis but also the love and affection that animals bring to the lives of humans in every day life.


5th Sunday Combined Service & Lunch

A joint service of St. James and St. George will be held on a rotating basis with some type of fellowship/meal after the one service.


Christmas Eve Service

This is a joint service between St. George and St. James held on Christmas Eve and the service rotates between the two churches. The service is held by candlelight and the music selections are sung in Spanish.


Recovery Service

A service held before New Years for those persons going through recovery of addiction.


Maundy Thursday

Held on the Thursday of holy week which has included foot washing and blessings.


Easter Saturday

A joint service of St. James and St. George held on the Saturday night before Easter.


Compline during Advent and Lent

A service open to the public that allows individuals to maintain silence, reflect on the world and enjoy the songs.